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APRIL 24-25-26, 2020

Sanctionned by NDCC


A competition organised by:

Francis Lafrenière
Claudia Primeau
Alain Doucet
Anik Jolicoeur

Diana McDonald

For more information regarding details of registration and registration forms and to purchase tickets for the competition.


For more information about
the hotel and to make a reservation.


Designer et créatrice de bijoux.
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Organizers of Le Chic de la Danse are sad to announce the CANCELLATION of this year’s Le Chic de la danse.

We have been putting this decision off as long as possible hoping that the present situation may have improved by the end of April.

We are so disappointed that we will not be able to welcome everyone but with the severity of the Coronavirus and Government recommandations on any mass gatherings with more than 50 people. We now feel the health and safety of everyone is the most important thing. Our hotel has cancelled all their events for the next 2 months.


We are sorry and apologize to all of you that had planned to come and appreciate everyone one of you. We will be sending refunds out within the next few weeks.


We hope you take care of you and your family and we will be ready to have you in 2021 with this terrible time behind us.


Thank you again to everyone that was planning on attending, we are so sad to cancel and wish everyone much strength and MUCH HEALTH!


Alain Doucet ,Anik Jolicoeur ,Francis Lafreniere, Claudia Primeau and Diana McDonald

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